The Little Epicurean

Mar 06 2012

Irish Coffee Mousse

I’ve been told that it is happy hour somewhere, so I might as well have a drink.  Although it was enough reasoning for me in college, that’s hardly the case now.  It may be a little too excessive to drink whiskey and heavy cream with my morning coffee even if it is St. Patrick’s Day.

Mar 02 2012

Salted Hazelnut Toffee

Happy Friday! Its a little strange working at a bakery/restaurant.  Your weekends get shifted and your sleeping habits change dramatically.  Its quite embarrassing when I’m hanging out with friends and suddenly fall asleep by 8:30pm. I savor Fridays off.  My early Friday mornings (meaning I’m up and about by 6 due to force of habit)

Mar 01 2012

Braided Cinnamon Raisin Bread

I have a love-hate relationship with bread.  Sometimes there is nothing more relaxing than making bread.  Then there are other times when nothing goes right and it ruins your entire day.  Yeasted breads can be quite temperamental and fickle:  If the water is too hot, it’ll kill the yeast.  If the room is too cold,

Feb 25 2012

Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Brownies

I had a really difficult decision to make this morning.  Cookies or brownies?  Brownies or cookies?  And then it hit me, a cookie brownie!  I’ve seen chocolate chip cookie dough brownies at bakeries before but I’ve never seen someone use peanut butter cookie dough.

Feb 20 2012

Chocolate-Oatmeal Moon Pies

Have you heard the saying, sometimes the whole is greater than the sum of its parts? It took me a while to figure that out as a child.  Math was always my favorite subject in school.  And in math we are taught that the whole is supposed to be equal to the sum of its