The Little Epicurean

Sep 23 2011

Baked Mini Donuts

Happy Friday!  Its been a long week and I want, need, deserve donuts. I haven’t been able to leave my house much this week.  I adopted a little puppy last Sunday.  This is ground breaking news for anyone that knows me.  I’m such a neat freak.  I like things very clean, orderly, and organized.  I

Sep 20 2011

Matcha Azuki Cupcakes

Green tea and red bean go together like peanut butter and jelly.  Delicious on their own but even better when paired together.  The great depth of flavor in this cupcake can be attributed to the slight bitterness of green tea and the sweetness of red bean. Beans as part of a dessert?  It is used

Sep 14 2011

Gâteau de Crêpes (Crepe Cake)

Crepes are great for any meal.  They are so versatile.  I can make a bacon, egg, and cheddar filled crepe for breakfast.  A sun dried tomato with feta and arugula crepe for lunch, and a grilled chicken fajita crepe for dinner. And in between all those savory crepes I can have plenty of sweet dessert

Sep 13 2011

Lemon Raspberry Layer Cake

My friends know I love whiskey.  And I’m pretty sure you know that I love desserts.  I often try to incorporate the two together, but more than often, whiskey is a little too strong and dominant for dainty desserts.  However, it does work well in ice creams, bread puddings, and buttercreams because there is enough

Sep 07 2011

Linzer torte

Linzer Torte | The Little Epicurean

Labor day weekend is supposed to mark the close of summer, so why is it still in the high 90s outside? I look forward to September because it starts the series of -ber months and my favorite time of the year. Fall weather, fall fashions, and the holidays are just around the corner.  I love