The Little Epicurean

Nov 24 2011

Apple and Calvados Bread Pudding

Happy Thanksgiving! Yes, that is a terrine mold.  But no, that isn’t a cold terrine.  It’s warm apple and Calvados bread pudding perfect for breakfast while I watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. It has been quite an eventful and hectic month for me.  Puppy responsibilities, birthdays, furniture shopping, moving, and lots of trips to

Nov 14 2011

Persimmon Walnut Cake

Persimmons have taken over my kitchen.  I have baskets of persimmon all over the counter, some 15 cups of puree stacked in the freezer, and loaves of delicious persimmon walnut cake cooling on the dining table. Persimmons are available between September and December, usually peaking sometime in November.  There are many varieties of persimmons, but

Nov 08 2011

Sweet Potato Cupcakes with Cinnamon Marshmallow Topping

I love Target, but I hate the fact that I always leave with more things than I had planned to purchase.  I only intended on getting some laundry detergent and came out with bags of marked down Halloween candies, new chew toys for Charlie, and these cool new cinnamon bun marshmallows.  There were other flavors

Oct 31 2011

Halloween Donuts

Last Thursday was an exciting and mementos day for me and The Little Epicurean.  A photograph of my s’mores cupcake and a little snippet about my blog was mentioned in the Foods Section of the Los Angeles Times!  I’ve never been so happy to see my name in print. I think my parents bought five

Oct 28 2011

Ham and Cheese Croissants

Ham and Cheese Croissants

September’s Daring Bakers Challenge was a croissant recipe by Julia Childs.  I meant to participate but lost track of time and now its almost November.  I can’t wait for the upcoming holidays–Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve.   This is my favorite time of year to bake breads and pastries.  When its much cooler outside, nothing