The Little Epicurean

Jan 10 2017

5 Fruit and Veggie Smoothies

Green Smoothies

5 Fruit and Veggie Smoothies: A refreshing and energizing smoothie for each day of the work week!  In the distant future, let’s say the year 3020, I would assume food would be consumed differently. Everything would revolve around efficiency. Instead of “real food”, we’d all be eating pills, powders, and shakes of sorts. Turkey and stuffing

Jan 05 2017

Rum Raisin Cinnamon Twisted Rolls

Rum Raisin Cinnamon Twisted Rolls

Rum Raisin Cinnamon Twisted Rolls: yeasted dough filled with rum soaked raisins and buttery cinnamon sugar. It may not be the healthiest of breakfast foods, but cinnamon rolls (of any kind) are among my favorite ways to start the day. I simply cannot resist the intoxicating aroma of buttery cinnamon sugar baked into bread. This rum raisin

Jan 03 2017

Sparkling Ginger Citrusade (Non-Alcoholic)

Sparkling Ginger Citrusade

Sparkling Ginger Citrusade: a mocktail mixture of 5 citrus juices, ginger, honey syrup, sparkling mineral water, and a touch of salt. Hello 2017! Are you jumping on Whole30? How about green smoothies? Maybe starting a new exercise routine? I’m not jumping on any bandwagons, I’m just trying to balance eating healthier and exercising more. After six

Dec 31 2016

Candy Cane Cookies and Cream Cake

Cane Candy Cookies and Cream Cake

Candy Cane Cookies and Cream Cake: a winter cake that combines peppermint, cookies, and chocolate! Farewell 2016. It’s been one heck of a year. Naturally, there were ups and downs. It was a tough year with more heartbreaks and tears than I’d like to remember. However, despite all the setbacks and complications of my personal

Dec 21 2016

Brownie Milkshake

Brownie Milkshake

Brownie Milkshake: made with triple chocolate brownies and a hefty amount of vanilla ice cream, this milkshake is a dream!  Adults (I’m referring to those over 21), get all sorts of fun drinks during the holidays- spiked punches, rum eggnog, hot toddy, and bourbon cider cocktails. Asides from hot chocolate and non-alcoholic sparkling cider, what