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Halo-Halo (Filipino Shaved Ice Sundae)
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Halo-Halo (Filipino Shaved Iced Sundae)

Yield: serves 1, multiply as needed
Author: Maryanne Cabrera


  • sweet red bean (munggo)
  • sweet white beans
  • coconut gel (nata de coco)
  • macapuno (gelatinous coconut string)
  • Fresh or canned jackfruit, cut into chunks
  • Shaved ice
  • Evaporated milk
  • Ube ice cream


  • In a serving glass, layer sweet red bean, sweet white beans, coconut gel, macapuno, and jackfruit. Top with shaved ice. Drizzle about one tablespoon of evaporated milk over shaved ice. Top with a scoop of ube ice cream. Enjoy immediately!


  • These ingredients can be found at well-stocked supermarkets. My local Vons and Ralphs carries most of this canned/bottled ingredients in their Asian aisle.
  • Filipino markets such as Seafood City and Island Pacific will definitely have all these ingredients. Asian markets like 99 Ranch will also carry these products.
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