No Churn Espresso Dulce de Leche Ice Cream

No special equipment needed. This 3 ingredient no churn espresso dulce de leche ice cream is a super easy frozen summer dessert to make.

No Churn Espresso Dulce de Leche Ice Cream

How to make ice cream without a fancy machine:

No ice cream maker? No problem. I’ve got this no churn ice cream recipe that will solve all your ice cream woes.

With a pint of heavy cream and a can of sweetened condensed milk, you can enjoy homemade ice cream at your whim.

Armed with this newfound knowledge, you too can have a delicious ice cream filled summer.

Think of all the possible flavors you can make by adding matcha powder, ground cinnamon, orange blossom water, almond extract, etc. How about adding cocoa powder, chocolate chips, walnuts, and marshmallows to make rocky road?!

This may not be the healthiest way to make ice cream, but it sure easy and tasty. Simply whip the heavy cream and mix it with the sweetened condensed milk. That’s it.

The air from the whipped cream gives the ice cream volume and texture, while the amount of sugar in the sweetened condensed milk makes the ice cream luscious and creamy.

No Churn Espresso Dulce de Leche secret ingredient!

What is dulce de leche?

Did you know that if you heat up sweetened condensed milk, you’ll end up with dulce de leche? YES. If you can’t find this can in stores, follow these directions to turn sweetened condensed milk into ducle de leche.

Traditional dulce de leche can be quite laborious and time consuming. I have no problem simply buying the canned version and reaping it’s delicious flavor.

Dulce de leche is a sweet creamy caramel made from milk and sugar. I love stirring it into coffee similar to how sweetened condensed milk is mixed into Vietnamese iced coffee.

No Churn Espresso Dulce de Leche Ice Cream

It’s a flavor combo I absolutely love and can’t get enough of.

Why just drink dulce de leche coffee, when I can eat it as well! 

Espresso Dulce de Leche Affogato

I took it a step further and used this espresso dulce de leche ice cream to make an affogato. Affogato is this heavenly Italian dessert in which vanilla gelato is topped with a shot of hot espresso.

This pairing of hot & cold and bitter & sweet is magically refreshing, thrilling, and delightful. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even add a shot of liqueur to up the ante. (Think: kahlua or amaretto)

Interested in more no churn ice cream? Here are some favorites:

No Churn Espresso Dulce De Leche Ice Cream

Yield: about 1 quart

Author Maryanne Cabrera


  • 2 cups heavy cream, very cold
  • 2 teaspoons instant espresso powder
  • pinch of fine sea salt
  • 13.5 oz can La Lechera dulce de leche


  1. Whip chilled heavy cream to soft peaks. Add instant espresso and salt. Continue to whip until barely stiff peaks. Add ducle de leche and whip until stiff peaks.

  2. Transfer mixture to a freezer safe container. Spread into an even layer. Freeze for at least 4 hours, overnight is ideal.

Recipe Notes

To make affogato: Add desired amount of ice cream scoops to a serving glass. Pour a shot of hot espresso over ice cream. Enjoy immediately.

All images and text ©The Little Epicurean

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heather (delicious not gorgeous)

love the idea of using dulce de leche instead of sweetened condensed milk! why yes, i do want more caramelly notes in my ice cream. and sosososo down for this in affogato ?


Wow, I love everything about this recipe! I think if I can add some toasted hazelnuts and some chocolate syrup to the affogato, it’s going to be an incredible dessert.


I got some problem. I made this ice cream and it’s taste delicious but I got that fat/churn aftertaste on my young even more it’s left on spoon. Am I doing something wrong?

    Maryanne Cabrera

    I’m not sure what that “fat/churn aftertaste” is? Perhaps it’s freezer burn? Make sure to keep the ice cream covered while it is in the freezer.

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Plus, get exclusive recipes, tips, and previews through our weekly newsletter.

Daily Blog Posts
Weekly Updates