Baking, Dessert, & Cocktail Recipes for Entertaining

Spring Favorites

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Spring is such a wonderful exciting season. Springtime brings fresh flavors and bright ingredients. It’s the perfect time to something fruity, tangy, or decadently sweet! Stick with classics like carrot cake and strawberry shortcake. Or, venue out with chia berry jelly donuts or blueberry icebox pie.

Filipino Recipes

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Browse this growing collection of Filipino recipes. Find family recipes as well as modern interpretation of classic Filipino recipes. Start with the popular Filipino pandesal. Satisfy your sweet tooth with ginataang bilo-bilo, halo-halo, and taho!

Best Non-Alcoholic Drinks

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A recipe collection of mocktails and other non-alcoholic drinks featuring a variety of flavor pairings including fruit juices, herbal teas and spices.

Pastry Chef Secrets!

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all butter pie dough before baking.
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Baking Basics: How to Make Pie Dough

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Cocktail & Mocktail Recipes

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A recipe collection of drinks featuring cocktails, mocktails, and blended smoothies. Easy to follow recipes for all meals and occasions.

Easy Dinners

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A recipe collection of savory main dishes including braised meats, cheesy pastas, Asian inspired dishes, and vegetarian options. Search for your next dinner here!