Stirrings Bloody Mary Three Ways

Serve up Bloody Mary cocktails three ways using a variety of spirits and garnishes. 

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Bloody Mary Cocktails

Bloody Mary. It’s not just for brunch. It’s a cocktail that can be enjoyed anytime of day, any occasion, and any season.

In my opinion, the Bloody Mary’s bright red hue and colorful garnishes make it a perfect holiday party beverage. It makes for a wonderful DIY holiday bar cart set up!

Bloody Mary Cocktail

Bloody Mary is by far the most customizable drink. There are a wide range of spirits to choose from.

Stick with the traditional vodka or try an herb forward gin. Turn it into a “Bloody Maria” by using tequila. Or make it into a michelada like drink by using Mexican lager beer. For a non-alcoholic version, simply serve Stirrings Bloody Mary Cocktail Mix over ice.

Stirrings Bloody Mary Cocktail

Make holiday entertaining easier by using Stirrings cocktail mixers! Stirrings is THE original craft cocktail mixer. They use quality ingredients to create premium mixers and bar ingredients.

I’m using their Simple Bloody Mary mix and Dirty Martini mix bar ingredient to show you how effortless a Bloody Mary Bar Cart can be!

Stirrings Bloody Mary Mix Cocktail

Fill a highball glass with ice. Add in 3 oz of Stirrings Bloody Mary Mix, followed with 1 1/2 oz of your choice of spirit. Stir together and garnish. THAT’S IT!

To make a Dirty Bloody Mary, simply stir in 1 tablespoon of Stirrings Dirty Martini Mix bar ingredient.

Depending on your choice of spirit, you could also add various types of salt rims to your glass. I suggest having vodka, gin, and tequila options available to your guests.

Bloody Mary Cocktail Garnishes

Bloody Mary cocktail pairs well with a variety of different foods. From cheeses and cured meats to brunch or pasta and pizza, the Bloody Mary is truly a drink that can be enjoyed any time of day and any season!

Bloody Mary Garnishes

To me, adding the toppings and garnishes is what makes Bloody Mary so much fun. There is a wide range of options to choose from.

Use any of the ingredients photographed above in your preferred combination.

If you want your drink super savory, add bacon or cocktail shrimp. For a decadent touch, how about adding a fried mozzarella stick?!

Bloody Mary Cocktail Three Ways

Stirrings Bloody Mary Cocktails

Stirrings Cocktail Mixers

Stirrings Cocktail Mixers, Bar Ingredients, & Rimmers

Made with real ingredients and free from artificial preservatives, you can feel good about serving your guests Stirrings wide range of products.

Their award-winning cocktail mixers come in more than 10 different varieties. You’re bound to find something for everyone. For those calorie conscious party goers, there are 5-calorie mixer options to make skinny versions as well!

In addition, Stirrings makes several bar ingredients like Authentic Grenadine and Dirty Martini Mix to pump up your drinks. And for the finishing touch, there are a variety of rimmers made with a mixture of speciality sugars and salt to garnish the rim of your glass.

Cheers friends!

Stirrings Bloody Mary Three Ways

Yield: serves 1, multiply as needed

Author Maryanne Cabrera


Salt Rim Options:

  • Stirrings Bloody Mary Rimmer
  • Stirrings Margarita Rimmer
  • coarse salt & freshly ground black pepper
  • coarse salt & chili lime powder

Garnish Options:

  • Stirrings Dirty Martini Mix bar ingredient*
  • celery sticks
  • pickle spears
  • cherry tomatoes
  • cocktail onions
  • Castelvetrano olives
  • pickled okra
  • lemon or lime wedges
  • cubed cheese (pepper jack and cheddar)
  • sliced jalapeno
  • cornichons (pickled French gherkins)
  • pickled yellow chili peppers


  1. If using a salt rim, moisten the rim of highball glass with lime or lemon wedge. Roll rim of glass into salt mixture of choice.

  2. Fill highball glass with ice. Add Stirrings Bloody Mary Mix and spirit of choice. Stir together. Garnish with desired toppings. Serve immediately.

Recipe Notes

  • Vodka is spirit of choice for a classic Bloody Mary. Gin is another popular option.
  • Tequila makes a "Bloody Maria." 
  • Mexican lager beer makes a version of Michelada. (Use 6 oz chilled beer and 3 oz Stirrings Simple Bloody Mary Mix.)
  • To make a Dirty Bloody Mary: combine 1 1/2 oz vodka, 3 oz Stirrings Simple Bloody Mary Mix, and 1 tablespoon Stirrings Dirty Martini Mix bar ingredient.


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