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Sep 29 2014

Chocolate Hazelnut Rugelach

Chocolate Hazelnut Rugelach | the little epicurean

During my high school years (circa late 90s- early 2000s), I relied heavily on All Recipes as my go-to source for baking adventures.  This was before I started my crazy cookbook collection, before there were thousands of food blogs to learn from, and when Food Network still played reruns of Emeril Live and dubbed Japanese Iron Chef.

I could only bake chocolate chip cookies for so long before I didn’t want to eat them anymore.  I would scour All Recipes for new cookies I’ve never tasted or tried.  That’s how I was first introduced to rugelach.

Chocolate Hazelnut Rugelach | the little epicurean

Chocolate Hazelnut Rugelach

The first time I made rugelach, I remember my friends went into a frenzy.  None of them had ever tried this cookie pastry before.  We devoured the four dozen batch I made in one night.  Oh, the voracious appetite of high schoolers.

What’s not to love about this sweet crescent shaped treat?  It’s flaky like a palmier (also known as elephant ears), it looks like a cute tiny croissant, and the subtle cream cheese flavor is so addicting.  Till this day, some ten years after high school, I still have friends that ask me when I’m going to make them a batch of rugelach.  My answer is always the same: move and be my neighbor.

Chocolate Hazelnut Rugelach

I find the easiest way to make rugelach is by rolling the dough into a circle and then slicing it like a pizza to get little wedges.  Rugelach can be filled with a variety of ingredients: raisins, walnuts, jams and jellies.  Since I’ve been on a Nutella kick lately, I made this chocolate hazelnut version.

Chocolate Hazelnut Rugelach | the little epicurean

Because I’m big on crunch, I sprinkled the outside of the rugelach with turbinado sugar.  With the melted chocolate chips, toasted halzenuts, and flaky dough, this chocolate hazelnut rugelach is one cookie I can’t ever tire of!

Sep 24 2014

Toasted Tres Leches Cake

Tres Leches Cake | the little epicurean

No matter how much fun I have traveling and exploring other places, there really isn’t any place quite like home.  The familiar smells, my oh so comfortable couch, and my closet.  I miss my closet so much when I’m living out of a suitcase.  And usually after about day three, I miss my kitchen terribly.

Sep 22 2014

Pineapple Jalapeno Green Popsicles

Pineapple Jalapeño Green Popsicles | the little epicurean

Whew.  I’m glad last week’s Southern California heatwave is over.  I’m super thankful I was able to skip the heat for a little bit here in NYC.  I have a couple days left in the city until I have to return to LA. While I’m enjoying this cool weather, Alex is back at home taking

Sep 19 2014

Coffee Custard Filled Doughnuts

Coffee Custard Filled Doughnuts | the little epicurean

Coffee and doughnuts.  They’re just made for each other like… macaroni and cheese, peanut butter and jelly, biscuits and gravy, and all the other great couples of the food world. How about we combine coffee and doughnuts into one awesome treat?  YES, please! You can have it all with these coffee custard filled doughnuts.  It’s

Sep 17 2014

Toffee Chocolate Chip Cookie Wedges

Toffee Chocolate Chip Cookie Wedges

I’m going to stop complaining about the heat in California because… I just arrived in New York City this morning! So long flip flops and tank tops.  This week I get to wear pants, cardigans and real shoes! It has been four years since the last time I visited NYC (way before I even had

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