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Mar 30 2015

Pesto Egg, Ham and Cheesy Bread Bowl

Pesto Eggs, Ham & Cheesy Bread Bowl

One of my favorite things about blogging is getting to meet so many talented and amazing people.  I love how the food blogging-sphere has becoming this ginormous space for sharing kitchen knowledge, wisdom, and a never-ending array of recipes and ideas.

Today I’m participating in the Food Blogger Central’s first Blog Hop!  A blog hop is a fun activity in which participates are introduced to other bloggers.  Bloggers are paired up and asked to try out another blogger’s recipe.  It’s a great way to meet new bloggers and try out new recipes.

I was selected to make a dish from Nagi of Recipe Tin Eats.  Oh man.  I had the hardest time trying to figure out what to make because she has SO MANY delicious and enticing recipes on her site.  Nagi is super creative.  Her dishes are always colorful and well composed.  There’s nothing too daunting or time consuming to make.  Plus, she has this awesome “meals on the table in 15 minutes” section that you need to definitely check out.

I opted for one her most popular recipes- her No Washing Up Ham, Egg and Cheese Roll.  It’s a quick breakfast that is just as easy to make for a crowd as it for a party of two.  I switched it up by adding pesto- simply because I love pesto eggs.

Pesto Eggs, Ham & Cheesy Bread Bowl

This recipe requires just a handful of ingredients: bread rolls, eggs, sliced ham, shredded cheese, and pesto.  I suggest using Kaiser rolls, also called Vienna rolls.  You can easily find these bread rolls at supermarket bakeries (think Ralphs/Krogers, Vons, and Whole Foods).  Sometimes the bread rolls are plain like the one I have, other times they’re topped with poppy seeds or sesame seeds.  The bread rolls are either formed into a knot or marked with a Kaiser stamp.  It’s a great bread for making sandwiches, and it’s perfect for these bread bowls because they hold up really well.

Mar 23 2015

Black Sesame Matcha Doughnuts

Black Sesame Matcha Doughnuts (baked)

Have your matcha tea and eat it, too! Of course the easiest way to have your matcha is making it into a tea (or latte), but I prefer to put in a little more effort and have my matcha in doughnut form. My donut pans get used a lot.  Little did I know when I bought them

Mar 19 2015

Blood Orange Limeade Popsicles

Blood Orange Limeade Popsicles

Tomorrow marks the first day of spring! I’m excited.  You’re excited.  It’s time to celebrate with these super fun blood orange limeade popsicles.  The onset of spring means strawberries, asparagus, and honeydew melons.  But it also signals the end of blood orange season.

Mar 16 2015

Strawberry Ricotta Toast

Strawberry Ricotta Toast

Broiled strawberries.  It’s my new favorite jam. A couple of year ago, I was totally into canning.  There was one summer when I canned every fruit and vegetable I could get my hands on.  Think: strawberry jam, raspberry thyme jam, apricot jelly and green bean pickles.  While I thought canning was super fun, it was

Mar 13 2015

Matcha Red Bean S’mores

Matcha Red Bean S'mores

Once you’ve made matcha marshmallows, the next logical step is make to make as many matcha red bean s’mores as possible. Matcha and red bean (azuki) is a classic pairing in Asian desserts.  It’s one of my personal favorite pairings; see: matcha azuki cupcakes and matcha red bean mousse cake.  And another all time fav dessert-

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