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Aug 19 2014

Mango Mint Limeade Slush

Mango Mint Limeade Slush

For someone who has a blog focused on sweets and desserts, I have a major sour tooth.  When given a choice, I would pick sour and tart over sweet.  Give me sour candies, sour gummies, and tart drinks any day and I would happily accept.

The heat of the past couple of days has got me craving something tart and refreshing.  This mango mint limeade slush passes all my requirements.  The sweet mango, cooling mint, and hydrating coconut water balances out the otherwise super tart lime juice.  When blended together, a delicious drink ensues.  And if you happen to wanna party…well, rum or vodka is a perfect and welcome addition to this drink.

Mango Mint Limeade Slush

When it comes to blended drinks, I hate ice.  Ice eventually melts and dilutes the drink.  For this slush, I used frozen mango to give the drink that nice texture.  (Similar to when I make blended coffee drinks at home, I use frozen coffee cubes.)   You could also try freezing coconut water in ice cube trays for additional slushy-ness.

Mango Mint Limeade Slush

I’m totally in love with this mango mint limeade because it reminds me of sour green mangos.  Whenever I would visit the Philippines, I would eat my weight in green mangos.  I like to slice them like apples and dip them in a rock sea salt and chili powder mixture.  It makes my mouth water just thinking about that snack.

Aug 13 2014

Homemade Sweet Potato Dog Treats + Abound Giveaway!

Sweet Potato Dog Treat Biscuits

Get ready.  Today we are going to talk DOGS! (At the end of the post, sign up for a chance to win an Abound Prize Pack and a Kroger Gift Card!) Is it unusual to make your dog homemade treats?  No.  Am I crazy?  No.  Do I have too much free time?  No.  Trust me,

Aug 12 2014

Rum Mango Lassi Popsicles


I’ve been making a lot of popsicles this summer.  However, this is my first time in history adding booze to my favorite frozen treats.  For the most part, I’ve been scared.  Yes, I know.  How the heck could I be afraid of alcohol?  (Have you seen my Thirsty Thursday posts?  I’m all about cocktails!) Popsicles

Aug 11 2014

Garlic and Chive Cream Cheese Spread

Cucumber Crostini with Garlic and Chives Cream Cheese

One year in college I was addicted to cucumber tea sandwiches: sliced cucumbers on top of toast smothered in cream cheese.  I ate it ALL THE TIME, until one day I got sick of it.  I banished it from my diet, until now. I’ve revamped that sandwich into something that I can ever tire of.

Aug 09 2014

Coconut Cake

Coconut Cake

It’s not a birthday without cake.  I’d like to elaborate on that concept.  I think birthday parties require multiple cakes.  “Smash cakes” seems to be all the rage for children’s first birthdays. Google “smash cake” and be prepared to see lots and lots of images of little babies destroying cakes with their bare hands.  It’s disgusting,

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