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Jan 26 2015

Blood Orange Donuts

Blood Orange Donuts

I’ve always associated citrus with summertime.  Ice cold lemonades, limeades, and such bring memories of hot summers.  Imagine my surprise when I finally learned that winter is the peak season for citrus fruits!

Winter needs as much pops of color as possible.  That’s why I love blood oranges so much.  I’m always so excited when I start seeing them for sale.  I love the anticipation of slicing into them and seeing the beautiful colors inside.  Sometimes they’re super bright orange, other times a rich dark red.  But the best ones have that fancy ombre thing going on with reds, pinks, and oranges.

Last year I made these super fun pink Valentine’s Day cake donuts (i.e. my most stolen photographs).  I used pink food gel coloring and a ton of sprinkles for that recipe.  This year, I wanted to go the natural route.  These blood orange donuts are all natural!  That nice pink hue?  Yup, that’s real.  No dyes, no chemicals.  And that pretty garnish?  Candied blood orange slices!

Blood Orange Donuts

This blood orange olive oil cake I made two years ago was the inspiration behind these blood orange donuts.  I needed an excuse to make candied blood oranges.  While the recipe only needs a couple slices of candied oranges, I like to make a double batch and use it to top yogurt, oatmeal, and ice cream.   Plus, the sugar-honey soaking syrup from the candied oranges is a fabulous sweetener for cocktails and teas.

Blood Orange Donuts

Jan 22 2015

Heart Beet Smoothie


It’s time to get all lovey-dovey. Valentine’s Day is around the corner. I’m seeing red, pink, and heart decor everywhere I go.  I keep getting ads for flowers and dinner reservations.  I normally associate this holiday with chocolate and decadent sweet desserts.  But before I go all chocolate crazy, I wanted to make a special

Jan 21 2015

Banana Coconut Ice Pops

Banana Coconut Ice Pops with chocolate and almonds

Is it too early to start thinking about summer?  I know it’s only January, but I’m already itching for lazy summer days. I have summer on the brain all year long.  Maybe because July is my birth month, perhaps because summer means it’s travel time, or could it be that I ache for long summer

Jan 19 2015

Chicken Arroz Caldo (Filipino Rice Porridge)

Chicken Arroz Caldo (Filipino Rice Porridge)

Chicken arroz caldo is to the Philippines as chicken noodle soup is to America.  It’s the ultimate comfort food when you have a cold and you’re not feeling well.  Back when I had my wisdom teeth pulled out, I had arroz caldo for dayssss without any complaint.  My belly was quite satisfied and happy from

Jan 15 2015

Buttermilk Chocolate Cake with caramel and ganache

Buttermilk Chocolate Cake with caramel

Yesterday, I woke up really early and made this buttermilk chocolate cake because I knew the kind of day I was going to have. Often, I wish I could hire my own personal tech team.  I dream about the hours I could save, the frustration and headache I could avoid.  But alas, The Little Epicurean is

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