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Aug 17 2017

Cherry Jack and Coke Slushies

Cherry Jack & Coke Slushie

Give me ICEE, Slurpee, Squishee. I am a fan of frosty blended drinks. I know they’re sugar laden and full of empty calories, but they’re an occasional treat that bring back happy summer childhood memories. When I couldn’t convince my parents to take me to get said frosty drink, I learned to experiment with ingredients we had at home. Capri Sun packets, juice boxes, iced teas, Tang, Kool-Aid. You name it. I tried to freeze it. I once froze a can of Coke and it exploded. I got in trouble and then I learned you could freeze sodas into ice cubes. That changed EVERYTHING. (If only I knew about instant Coke slushie when I was a kid.)

Filipino households have a ton of parties and gatherings. We always had soda in the garage for the taking. I was making all sorts of concoctions during summer break.

I don’t drink much soda nowadays. I probably average 6 cans of soda a year. And all that soda consumption comes in the form of cherry Jack and Coke slushies. 

Aug 15 2017

Strawberry Funnel Cake

Strawberry Funnel Cake

Summertime is fair season. That means fried foods galore! Corn dogs, deep fried Oreos, and beer battered garlic fries. I want them all. But of course, the most iconic deep fried fair food is the funnel cake. I don’t plan on going to the fair this year, but that doesn’t mean I’m skipping out on

Aug 10 2017

Almond Mocha Ice Cream Bars

Almond Mocha Ice Cream Bars

I have proof you don’t need fancy tools and equipment to make chocolate dipped ice cream bars at home. No matter how experienced or inexperienced you are in the kitchen, I have total faith in you. You, yes YOU, can make these almond mocha ice cream bars. Here are the tools you will need: a

Aug 08 2017

Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate

Homemade Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate

Living in the city (Silver Lake area of Los Angeles) had its perks. I could walk everywhere: market, restaurants, banks, bars, etc. More importantly, during the hot summer months it meant I could simply cross the street every morning/afternoon to get iced coffee. Without realizing it, I was spending close to $20 a week to

Aug 03 2017

Cherry Pineapple Popsicles

Cherry Pineapple Popsicles

At one point in my life, popsicles were the ultimate cure all. You pulled out a baby tooth and now your gums hurt and you can’t stop crying? Have a popsicle. You fell down while running and scraped your knee? Have a popsicle. You lost your friendship bracelet and now your best friend won’t talk

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